Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hurryin' and Scurryin'

I'm gonna hurry through this post this morning because I'm figuring that Debbie may come earlier than usual with the dogs---if she lived through her first day on the new job, that is.

I felt SO sorry for her when she came yesterday, nursing an already-throbbing mouth, the day after oral surgery.  Debbie's first day included orientation from the previous executive director, welcoming an artist who is exhibiting at POAC this week and a 5:30 p.m. Board meeting.

As one who physically shudders while listening to people talk about surgical experiences or painful injuries, I could hardly imagine how she was going to endure the ongoing pain and deal with a long day ahead.

Debbie's a tough customer, though, and I'm sure she did her best.  

Anyway, today suddenly has turned into a "hurry up and get 'er done" day.  This already was a busy week, but I received a call yesterday requesting me to do some last-minute editing on an 80-page document.  That project starts tomorrow. 

So, all that winterizing and preparing for being gone on our trip has to be sped up a notch or two.

Yesterday involved weed eating, lawn mowing, tomato picking, fixing the tarp on the dog run shelter, cleaning the shop and all the usual stuff that keeps me on the run each day.

Today will be more lawn mowing, more general clean-up, especially in the garden, some house stuff, etc. 

I asked Mike who called me about editing how people always seem to know when I've just finished a writing project and am about to take a big deep breath of relief----only to have the phone ring.

Guess that's a good sign, though, and I'm anxious to see this document.  It's a little different from the other editing projects I've done for Mike.  So it will be fun to learn another aspect of the forest industry. 

One other item that filled yesterday's schedule was to reach a point where I felt somewhat comfortable launching a new blog called "Schweitzer Originals."  

This project resulted from my wanting to tell more of the stories told to me by the people I interviewed for the Schweitzer Magazine article about the ski resort's 50th anniversary. I believe the print edition of the magazine has hit the streets. 

The assigned word count hardly seemed adequate for me, the lady who loves to tell and to read colorful and historically oriented stories.  

So, the blog is public now, and, thanks to the infinite possibilities with online venues,  it includes far more than the print article.  

Disclaimer:  I still need to go over it a few times, looking for glitches or typos.  And, some aspects, like headlines look a little goofy, simply because of the limitations and quirks of Blogger.   

So bear with me on all that, and please, if you're a local or a Schweitzer addict with a story to tell about your experiences at the resort way back in the good ol' days, feel free to share.  I've included an email address for submissions.  

The blog will remain "a work in progress" as long as I have the power and time to add to it.   You'll find it at 

Happy Wednesday. 

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