Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Putzin' Along through Fall

This morning I'm typing, knowing there are four photos above.  One I can't see, but who's complaining?  I got in the Blogger back door, almost without knocking.

So, maybe today's stress level while attempting to post will be minimal. 

Seems to me that photo that doesn't show up on my screen is Amos climbing over the gable on the new roof.  I posted the photos last night on my laptop, which let me into Blogger when I used Internet Explorer rather than Mozilla.

Amos is doing the tedious finish work on the roof and will place the aluminum roofing on Monday.  We'll have some rain over the weekend, and the deck will get wet, but that's the last time.

Once he's finished, I can bring the chairs back and we can sit out there whenever the temps are not cold like this morning.

A good layer of frost on the cars greeted me as I walked out the door this morning, and I'm betting I'll have to break open some ice on the water tank. 

Love this weather, though.  Enough color remains with all downed leaves and golden larches on the mountainsides and brilliant sunshine.  Great working weather. 

Yesterday I scooped up the first round of leaves, most coming from the red maple tree.  I figure the more I get scooped up now, the fewer I'll have to work with if it rains and freezes. 

Fall leaf gathering around here usually lasts about three weeks with the poplars taking their time dropping their billion or so leaves.  And, then there's the oak tree, which lets go of its leaves a few at a time, all winter long. 

Saturday will be the horses' last day of grazing the hay field.  From then, on I'll be feeding them morning and night.  As long as we don't have snow they can stay outside in their respective enclosures.  

Cleaning barns every morning will come soon enough.  Of course, then I'll get back into the morning radio show with Derek and Rick on K102.5 

For now, life is good.  Days are beautiful, and I'm enjoying every moment of this last segment of fall. 

And, the cyber gods haven't done anything to rattle my cage this morning. Looks like a good day ahead.

One last reason that life is good:  Mr. or Dr. Love, whichever you want to call him, and his students went to North Idaho College's annual journalism day yesterday and cleaned up on the prizes:  best high school newspaper, best high school website, best reporter.  

Congratulations to the Cedar Post staff from this proud mama and former Cedar Poster!

Happy Wednesday. 

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