Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Slight

Bill and I are having a problem:  Dilphus Dufort. 

Dilphus has taken up a lot of our time in a good way since we first read about him and his twin brother Adolph in Nancy Renk's manuscript for her updated version of Driving Past, due out later this spring. 

Our job is simply to proofread the manuscript, which we are both enjoying immensely. It's nice when someone hands over a virtually error-free, well-written manuscript and asks you to look for typos or other glitches. 

Our pens have remained pretty idle. 

It's also nice when you're reading along and discover Dilphus for the first time. On my first encounter with Dilphus, I chuckled-----for several minutes.  I also imagined ways that Dilphus could be used in an upcoming writing project or maybe a new pet's name. 

With this project, when I finish reading several pages, I hand them over to Bill.  He's made a few comments about what he's read---the major one being how accurate everything is as Nancy takes us on historical adventures around Bonner County. 

Bill especially appreciates her handling of anything forest-related because he does a lot of that kind of research himself. 

Both Bill and Marianne, though, LOVE Dilphus.  I came downstairs yesterday to see Bill with a smile on his face.  His mouth opened, and out came "Dilphus," followed by a good laugh.  

I guess our nearly 40 years of marriage has put us pretty much on the same page in the humor department.   

Bill sees all kinds of possibilities for Dilphus----like a big Dufort celebration and maybe even a sign dedicated to him and his brother, who, before moving away, made enough of an impression for someone to name the area where they lived out south of Sandpoint after them. 

Who knows----maybe when Nancy's book will even inspire an annual "Dilphus Days" party. 

One thing I do know for sure is that anyone who appreciates local history and likes to get out and see it firsthand is gonna love Nancy's book. 

Yesterday around here was truly glorious, as you can see by the photos.  We have been so fortunate this winter to have seen the sun in generous quantities.  

Last night at Second Avenue Pizza while our family was visiting with Carolyn about photography adventures, we all agreed that the magnificent sunsets around here this year have been off the charts. 

When Annie and I drove down Selle Road from the airport yesterday afternoon, she was so taken with the seemingly whitewashed Cabinet Mountains that she walked to the end of the driveway to snap some pictures before even coming into the house. 

We're enjoying this beauty and never ever taking it for granted. 

As you can see from the photo of Todd, he's looking much better than a week ago. He enjoyed his trip to Spokane yesterday, snoozing and sitting up to gaze out the window. 

Looks like a fun Saturday ahead, topped off by the ZAGS in a late game.  

Willie goes to Coeur d'Alene later today with the SHS basketball team.   They'll be practicing at NIC gym and then watching the NIC team play.  

This year the district tournament has returned to a more sensible set-up.  Instead of teams traveling off and on for two weeks in a double elimination set-up, the tournament lasts just two nights in a central location and with single elimination.

For the life of me, I still wonder why the old-time tournaments were abandoned for the long, drawn-out versions of recent years.  

Seems that back in the day,  I clearly remember basketball tournament time being the highlight of the winter for the teams, their accompanying bands, cheerleaders, drill teams and cheering sections.  

The combination fostered intensity which is so important for a team.  I hope this year's change will continue and that eventually a "good ol' days" tournament gives students and players the special experience that so many of us oldsters loved during our high school years. 

On that note, it's time to get on to other Saturday projects.  Have a great day, and GO ZAGS!!!

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Word Tosser said...

Is Todd the one who use to love to run to the neighbors and down the road? If so, I wonder if he will play it closer to the chest (farm) from now on.