Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Day of Peeps and Patrick O' Sullivans

Patrick O'Sullivan No. 1, cousin to Peggy from Sandpoint and good friend of the Monsignor, prepares to take Willie, the birthday boy, and Dad Love fishing in a farmer's field.  Thank you, Patrick, for everything.  You truly are the essence of Killarney's tourism promoters.

Cass Foley and I reconnect at her new "yard" in Killarney.

First mustache I've ever seen on a horse.  Cobbs and this guy Bob have 'em for protection while they graze in rough areas.

Cass's crowd at the stable.

Patrick O' Sullivan 2.  I've heard there are many more.

At any given time, I could have my laptop shut down because the battery has run out, so thanks for your understanding if this turns out to be a partial posting.  

The internet connection in our townhouse doesn't match my computer, so the past three mornings I've been sitting on doorsteps or in the lobby of facilities next to us, borrowing their wi-fi.  Of course, there are not outlets to borrow, so . . . .

Anyway, yesterday was spent around Killarney.  Willie and Bill went with Patrick O'Sullivan No. 1 to a farmer's field where they fished the stream running through his place.  They caught a few smaller brown trout and had a generally good day doing what they love best.

Horses rank right up there with what I love best, so after Margaret decided to stay at the townhouse and relax and Annie chose to go on a hike, Debbie and I visited Coolcoran Stables near Killarney.

Cass Foley now manages the stable or "yard," as the Irish call it.  We met Cass three years ago when we took a beach ride along the Atlantice Coast near Tralee.  Cass now runs the stable in Killarney, and she graciously showed us around, introducing us to horses and a lot of friendly people.

This was all while a dressage instructor from Ukraine gave lessons in the arena.  Cass says he comes once a month. We made a bunch of new friends who will find a way to come and visit us some day in Idaho, and we enjoyed coffee and great snacks provided by those who came to take lessons. 

Later we reconnected with Annie after connecting with the second Patrick O'Sullivan of day. He and his Cobb pony Queenie took us for a delightful cart ride past pretty lakes and fields of sheep and other Cobb ponies.

The evening was spent celebrating Willie's birthday at Spillane's Pub and McSweeney's Restaurant in Killarney.  

We met a longtime Killarney family at the Pub and were treated to their stunningly poignant a capella  singing of meaningful Irish songs-----and even an Irish rendition of the "YelloT Rose of Texas, performed by Peter who promises to let me "through the gate," when my time comes.

Wonderful day, wonderful people and, again, wonderful memories. 
Spillane's Pub -- Photo by William "Big Man" Love, the birthday boy. 

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