Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just Stuff

Seems like there's nothing earth-shattering or pressing on my mind this morning.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Every once in a while it's nice when everything is on such an even keel that nothing really stands out.

Guess this lovely Wednesday is one of those days.

We have one more day with sun and then an interlude of wet, cold and maybe even snowy weather.  The nasty stuff is supposed to end by the weekend.

So, that might be good too.  I can stay inside and do a little house cleaning.

Except for a few planned activities in town or otherwise, I've spent the majority of my daylight time over the past week working on outside projects. 

Horses are getting some grooming, as is the yard area.  Yesterday I finally spent part of the gift card from then Big R now North 40 that Willie and Debbie gave me for my birthday last June.  

I purchased a new lawn rake and a nice rubbery comb for manes, tales and long winter hair on the horses.  Both got some action yesterday.

The other lawn rake had met its match with some raking under the row of cedars north of the driveway.  I've been removing many of the lower limbs, but the tines still grabbed hold of some extra limbs hidden in the dead grass.

First, one tine (about the fourth or fifth for the rake) fell off; then the whole bottom of the rake cracked halfway across its main body. 

Hard to believe I'm doing all this outside stuff this time of year, but it's pretty nice to get a head start and maybe eliminate the frenzied mindset that usually comes on with spring when virtually every outdoor scene spells "WORK." 

While raking out by the road, I visited with a local horse shoer who was passing by from a shoeing job in the neighborhood.  He's having a hard time believing that he's nailing shoes on horses this time of year.  

My two will wait until April or May, as usual. Still, it would not be too out of line to saddle up if I wanted to take off for an early ride. 

Another aspect of this lovely weather that I've noticed is that my aging body is having the opportunity to get into shape much earlier than usual for the nonstop springtime work ahead.  

Seems like the older we get the longer it takes avoid that feeling of throwing the rake aside and going inside for a break within five minutes of starting an outdoor project.

My endurance is improving every day. 

So, today, I'll keep at it with the rake and trimming protruding ends from shrubs that poke me every time I drive by on the lawnmower.  Hard to believe that lawn mowing isn't too far off, unless we have a real winter, that is. 

And, of course, the horses will get another good rub down.  

Should be a good day ahead, so that's about it on this basically steady-as-it-goes morning where Mr. Jay is starting his usual song and the resident crows are cawing out to anyone who'll listen.

Happy Wednesday. 

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