Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Good Times at Pack River General Store

Cindy Wooden and Helen Newton


It's always a happy time for me when friends I know and love meet each other for the first time.

Yesterday marked an arranged meeting between CNS Vatican bureau chief Cindy Wooden, who's home from Rome, and Helen Newton, who's dabbled in of journalism and plenty of research herself.

Cindy has lived in Rome for 30 years, working for the Catholic News Service and covering all things Catholic, including the Popes.

Besides all her years of service to the City of Sandpoint, Helen also spent time stringing for the Spokane Daily Chronicle as a correspondent.

Nowadays, she works every morning as a copy editor, alerting me of typos and other glitches when I post my blog.

In addition to their journalistic interests, Cindy and Helen have both been my longtime friends.

To say the two hit it off immediately would be an understatement. 

At times, it seemed like they'd known each other all their lives, which also made me happy.

Our trio spent some quality time at Pack River General Store, enjoying the food AND the faces. 

The place was buzzing with an enthusiastic lunch crowd.

In some cases, we saw and visited with old friends; in others, brand new friends for each of the three of us.

When we first walked into the restaurant, I met my friend Linda O'Hare (retired from Bonner County Soil and Water District).  She introduced me to her sister Jill.

Jill, a teacher for the Mead School District, and Linda later came over to our table and met Cindy.  Jill's enthusiasm was contagious as the two shared stories about Rome.

While they were visiting, a delightful lady seated at the table next to us, introduced herself. 

I can now say that I've met the second "Ardis" in my lifetime. 

The first, Ardis Racicot, a well-known local horse lady and North Boyer neighbor who lived to be 101, played a key role in most of my younger years.

Ardis No. 2 has retired to Garfield Bay after spending a career in the Tri-Cities as an educator.

A yard sale provided the key to her introducing herself.  Seems she picked up a copy of my first book Pocket Girdles and has followed my blog.

As usual, the Pack River General Store served more than tasty burgers yesterday. 

The smorgasboard of fun, fascinating and friendly folks always adds frosting to the cake.

Great lunch setting and great people.

In addition, it was another great day for pictures of pretty scenes.

Happy Wednesday. 

Sister Act at the Pack River General Store:  Jill and Linda, the Leary sisters. 

Ardis and John, originally from the Tri-Cities, sat next to us at Pack River General Store yesterday.

Nice couple.   

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Helen said...

It was truly a special occasion in so many ways, Marianne. Thank you! And Cindy and I are now FB friends.