Friday, June 22, 2012

Bringin' in the Sheep and the Sticks . . . .

Yesterday was Annual Farm Tour Day.  Several local organizations, including the Farm Bureau and the Soil and Conservation Service,  sponsor the annual tour, which has been show-casing rural and rural-related operations within the county for 46 years.

In fact, I loved the days back in the 1970s when my reporting assignment for the Sandpoint News Bulletin involved riding the bus, enjoying the eats, taking pictures of the events and writing the day's story.

With my other responsibilities here at home, I was able to squeeze in one stop on yesterday's tour.  That was at the Double Shoe Ranch, owned by Randy and Gail Curless, my longtime friends.

Randy, the mayor of Dover and dog trainer extraordinaire, gave the folks a demonstration on how his dogs could gather up the sheep from one part of a vast pasture and herd them to their audience.

For most of my life, I thought that old-time hymn was talking about bringing in sheep.  I was embarrassed one day when I learned it was really the "sheaves."  

Well, yesterday my assumption could finally come true.  Randy's dogs did a fine job of bringing in the sheep.  And, Gail was so good about supplying the tour goers some delicious samples of lamb on a stick.

Speaking of sticks, Gail's dog Panda does work cows, but once in a while a good stick will do. 

It was fun visiting with Randy and Gail and with some of the tour goers, which did include my husband Bill who gave a luncheon presentation about Humbird Lumber Co. and its influence on the area.

Today, as mentioned earlier this week, my sisters and I are headed on a Mission.  I'm sure they would call it Mission Happiness on this day of where Laurie can say "PC-minus hours and counting."

Some precious cargo has left Kansas City and will, within hours, be at the Colburn Ranch. 

More news on that later.   Maybe I'll post a photo this afternoon.  So, stay tuned. 
They're Heelers and Healers:  Jessie and Meggie arrived just fine at Spokane Airport this morning after leaving their original home in Southern Missouri.  These are sisters for sisters, and they will certainly bring joy to Barbara and Laurie.

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It appears the healing has already begun!