Sunday, April 18, 2021

Productive Saturday


Twas a day filled with everything from horses to garden nozzles to a treasured telephone visit with a friend. 

I lived through my riding lesson with Monty. The older we get the harder we fall, definitely a truism I do not want to experience.

My first reminder to Monty after climbing aboard Lily in my sisters' arena was to remember that I'm pushing 74. 

I thought that would be enough for my former student and family friend to realize my apprehension for what pain he might inflict upon me with his assignments. 

For some reason, Monty gave me more credit than I was due. When I kept reminding him of little things like "my butt hurts," his only response:  already?

I soon realized that I was gonna have to grin and bear it and do what I was told. 

Actually, I wasn't afraid of falling off from Lily; instead, I was much more concerned with how my body was going to feel once I dismounted and went on with the day.

Here's a tip for oldsters taking their first riding lesson of the year:  Advil. 

I've done this before----pop an Advil BEFORE getting on the horse. 

And, by golly it worked.  The only slight pain I feel this morning is coming from the very area about which I complained yesterday.  

Yes, my butt bones are gently whispering to me they were overworked during that lesson.  

Could be the saddle seat needs to be a bit more comfortable, but if this is the worst reaction I experience from yesterday's ride, I'm quite satisfied.

In between my reminders, Monty did have time to instruct me on some fine points of collection, hand movement and keeping Lily moving in smaller and smaller circles. 

So, the gain was well worth the pain. 

After coming home, Bill and I visited while munching on our lunches.  Then, he went on his way to Mirror Lake with fishing gear, and I, mine. 

My first mission was to go to town and purchase a bottle of fly spray for the horses----not a common mission in mid-April but necessary in this odd year. 

Once they received their relief from persistent flies, I moved on to some yard and garden work, which included setting up the extension cord in the greenhouse for the heater and bringing out an extra length of hose to water the plants which would be moving from the kitchen window to the greenhouse. 

After not finding the nozzle, it was back in the car and off to the Ponderay Garden Center. 

The place on HWY 95 north of Sandpoint, I'm told, is still for sale, as it has been the past couple of years.  

I soon learned, however, that it's as bustling and interesting as ever with beautifully cared-for shrubbery, fruit trees, plants and a whole lot of very colorful funky. 

I was in heaven, walking around admiring the tasteful and strategic placement of unique chairs, tables, pots and wall furnishings. 

I met Kerrie, who's in charge of plants.  Very nice and accommodating lady who showed me the array of nozzles and then reminded me to pick my favorite color. 

Yellow got the nod.

 A few minutes later, the nozzle went into action inside my green house.  

I'm happy to report this morning that the plants made it through their first night outside, so it's looking like the others still inside the house may follow. 

My Fitbit read 23,000-plus steps by the time the work day ceased and I came into the house.  

Later, after seeing a lovely Facebook photo of my dear friend Merriam who has had quite a year living in care facilities, I texted her daughter and asked about Merriam's current status. 

Within minutes, I was punching in a telephone number, and soon we were gleefully catching up.

 Hearing Merriam's voice and her appreciation for the call turned out to be a much-treasured treat of a beautiful day filled with other positive highlights. 

I like Saturdays like that. 

Who knows what will happen today!

Happy Sunday.  

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